Corporate DJs

Whatever the corporate event we will ensure a smooth, professional experienced approach. We provide the best-in-class DJs who understand the corporate culture and can set the appropriate tone. 
We can help you run indoor and outdoor events,  provide DJs, PAs, lighting rigs, and uplighting. We will tailor the setup and event according to your  organisations unique needs.

Wedding DJs

Your big day only happens once so it is very important that you choose your entertainment wisely. We have a diverse range of DJ's working on our behalf all specializing in certain genres, When you book your wedding DJ with us you can put your mind at ease in knowing that you will receive a fully competent DJ that specializes solely  in weddings. We will ensure a fully professional service from the time you make your booking, If requested it is possible to have a  consolation with your DJ before the big day so you can rest assured  you have chosen the right person for the Job. For more information  you can give us a call or send us an email . 

Club DJ's

​ We are no strangers to the club scene. We have covered a vast range of clubs Both within Ireland and internationally. We pride ourselves in saying that we can keep any venue moving until it's time to go home. All our DJ's are experienced and well recognized. They also have there own equipment if not provided by the venue. If you would like to enquire about one of DJ's for your club or venue please get in touch

Disco Bars & Pubs

​ When it comes to the disco bar/pub scene it is not always as easy as it may seems. We can adapt to any environment that is thrown at us. Whether it's customers constantly looking for requests or quiet simply that annoying punter that won't leave the DJ box our professional team can handle any situation thrown at them in a professional manner.

Party DJ's

​​ Parties are where the bulk of our work is done. Each year we cover many different parties from your sweet sixteenth to the glory forties we do them all. We have many different DJ's that work with us so you are guaranteed to have the right one assigned specifically to suit your party. All our DJ's use top quality equipment and all carry back up equipment in case of any technical issues. All parties include lighting  in there packages but we do offer and upgraded lighting option for those that want to make the night that little bit more special.

Teenage Discos

​​ We cover numerous student gigs every year and would consider them a specialty of ours. We look after the production on some of the biggest teenage discos around the country as well as have a number of partnerships with international schools.