Co2 jets produce instantaneous jets of white vapour up to 8 meters. Unlike smoke, the moment the jets stop, there is no lasting effect, the vapour vanishes and the stage is clear again. A high impact, repeatable effect making it great value for award ceremonies and concerts where it can be used on numerous occasions throughout the show. Multiple jets can be simultaneously fired to create different effects or independently chased between units. Truss mounting allow jets to be fired downwards, sideways or even on to your audience.


Co2 guns are the latest craze in clubs across the nation. Quiet often they are also a requirement if booking international acts. They are completely safe, leave no mess or residue and add that something special that is often required to get the club moving.

This is a dry hire effect with the option of delivery on the C02 canister.


We offer 2 Types of confetti Cannons, Co2 powered and air compressed. The advantage of an air compressed cannon is that air is free so these can be used as many times as you want through out shows and performances. The disadvantage is the noise form the compressor, cannons much compress each time they are fired so these fixtures are only suitable for concerts and shows where the sound will drown out the noise of the compressor. C02 is the alternative where a noisy compressor is not viable, the disadvantage to these is that a co2 bottle must be purchased in order to operate this fixture.

Flame Machine

The LED Flame machine creates a dramatic flame effect and is a must for stages, events and discos etc. They are especially popular for product launches and store openings too as they catch the public eye and create a sense of curiosity. If you’d like to enquire about this effect please get in touch.